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Wetzel County Results

General Election - November 8, 2016

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Number of Counties Reporting
Number of Precincts
Number of Precincts Reporting
Percentage of Precincts Reporting 100.00 %
U.S. President
Contest Code: AA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
DONALD J. TRUMPRepublican4,51972.13%489,371
HILLARY CLINTONDemocrat1,35921.69%188,794
GARY JOHNSONLibertarian2453.91%23,004
DARRELL L. CASTLEConstitution761.21%3,807
JILL STEINMountain661.05%8,075
Official  Total Votes: 6,265  
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U.S. House of Representatives — District 1
Contest Code: CADistrict Name: 1st Congressional District
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
DAVID B. MCKINLEYRepublican4,53175.19%163,469
MIKE MANYPENNYDemocrat1,49524.81%73,534
Official  Total Votes: 6,026  
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Contest Code: DA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
JIM JUSTICEDemocrat3,23451.48%350,408
BILL COLERepublican2,54540.51%301,987
CHARLOTTE JEAN PRITTMountain3195.08%42,068
DAVID MORANLibertarian1121.78%15,354
PHIL HUDOKConstitution721.15%4,041
Official  Total Votes: 6,282  
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Secretary of State
Contest Code: EA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
NATALIE TENNANTDemocrat3,28653.63%323,750
MAC WARNERRepublican2,62542.84%335,526
JOHN S. BUCKLEYLibertarian2163.53%32,179
Official  Total Votes: 6,127  
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Contest Code: FA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
JOHN "JB" MCCUSKEYRepublican3,28255.80%385,831
MARY ANN CLAYTORDemocrat2,21837.71%228,001
BRENTON RICKETTSLibertarian3826.49%45,908
Official  Total Votes: 5,882  
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State Treasurer
Contest Code: GA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
JOHN D. PERDUEDemocrat3,26855.19%338,018
ANN URLINGRepublican2,26638.27%293,671
MICHAEL ALLEN YOUNGLibertarian3876.54%39,865
Official  Total Votes: 5,921  
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Commissioner of Agriculture
Contest Code: HA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
KENT LEONHARDTRepublican3,23654.03%321,560
WALT HELMICKDemocrat2,20536.82%274,191
BUDDY A GUTHRIELibertarian5489.15%68,502
Official  Total Votes: 5,989  
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Attorney General
Contest Code: IA
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
DOUG REYNOLDSDemocrat2,98748.87%291,232
PATRICK MORRISEYRepublican2,68343.90%358,424
KARL KOLENICHLibertarian2323.80%24,023
MICHAEL SHARLEYMountain2103.44%20,475
Official  Total Votes: 6,112  
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State Senate — District 2
Contest Code: KADistrict Name: 2ND SENATORIAL DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
MIKE MARONEYRepublican2,80045.05%22,902
LISA ZUKOFFDemocrat2,47239.77%15,754
H JOHN ROGERSLibertarian94415.19%3,521
Official  Total Votes: 6,216  
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House of Delegates — District 5
Contest Code: LADistrict Name: 5TH DELEGATE DISTRICT
CandidatePartyVotesPercentageState Total
DAVE PETHTELDemocrat3,92762.52%4,200
PHILLIP W. WILEYRepublican2,35437.48%2,471
Official  Total Votes: 6,281  

In an ongoing effort to keep you informed of election night results, these pages contain data supplied by the counties in West Virginia. As this data is received from the various counties, the Secretary of State's office will summarize and post the information to this site. Despite our good faith efforts to be accurate, these pages and our databases may contain inadvertent errors and should not be relied on as official results until certified. Please e-mail us immediately if you notice an error. Results do not include write-in candidate information.

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